USD to SEK Exchange Rates

This live exchange rate calculator converts USD (United States Dollar) to SEK (Swedish Krona) using the latest exchange rates and currency exchange information from OzForex. Convert USD to SEK using this calculator to get the most up-to-date exchange rates from live currency exchange market information.

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The United States Dollar (USD):

The United States Dollar is a far-reaching currency. It is used more than any other currency in international transactions, and it is officially used in some other sovereign countries, including Ecuador, El Salvador, and East Timur. Several overseas British Territories also use the U.S. dollar as their sole form of currency, but in an unofficial capacity. Still more nations link their national currency to the U.S. dollar via a fixed exchange rate. The U.S. dollar uses a decimal system for smaller denominations. One U.S. dollar is equal to 100 cents, also called pennies. Amounts under one dollar are only issued as coins and consist of the following: nickel (5 cents), dime (10 cents), quarter (25 cents), and half-dollar (50 cents).

The Swedish Krona (SEK):

The krona is the official currency of Sweden. It is also used in the Aland Islands together with the euro. It is abbreviated as kr, and in the plural, the currency is kronor. Krona translates to "crown" and the currency is often referred to as Swedish crowns by the British and some other English-speaking nations. The krona is a decimal currency with one krona being divided into 100 ore. However, Sweden ended production of the last ore coin, the 50 ore, in 2009. As of October 2010, all ore coins are devalued as currency and no longer legal tender, but ore still exist and are valid as electronic payments. Krona coins are currently produced in denominations of 1 krona, 5 kronor, and 10 kronor. All coins bear the royal motto of the monarch of Sweden. Banknotes issued in Sweden include the 20 kronor, 50 kronor, 100 kronor, 500 kronor, and 1000 kronor.