GBP Exchange Rate Calculator

Exchange rates calculator, this free to use calculator gives up-to-date exchange rates for the Pound Sterling (GBP) against most of the worlds major currencies. Get live exchange rates and keep up-to-date with the latest currency conversions.

About the Pound Sterling (GBP):

Pound sterling is more commonly known as the Great Britain pound, or simply only one or the other of the two terms: the pound or sterling. It is the official currency of the United Kingdom, its overseas Territories, and Crown Dependencies. Other areas in which the pound sterling is in uses includes Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands, Saint Helena, and Ascension. Some of these countries have established a fixed exchange rate between pound sterling and their own currency. Pound sterling is currently the fourth-most traded currency in the world. It is behind only the U.S. dollar, the euro, and the Japanese Yen. Pound sterling is the third-most used currency in global reserves. In 1971, the pound sterling was converted to a decimal currency. 1 pound sterling can be divided into 100 pence.

The pound sterling has one of the longest histories of any currency in current use, with its origins traced back to 757 AD. The pound was officially converted to a gold standard in 1816, and officially taken off the gold standard in 1931. The United Kingdom currently meets all of the qualifications to adopt the euro as its official currency, but has held onto an exemption allowing them to keep the pound sterling as the nation’s currency. Only 30 percent of the public is in favour of adopting the euro. The pound and euro have marked influences on each other in terms of exchange rates, but at times they can fluctuate against each other.

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